El Granto Likes The SunThe notorious El Granto was born in Evander South Africa under the watchful eyes of a witch doctor that granted him long life, wealth and good looks of an almost mystical level. (Okay, there wasn’t really a which doctor at his birth.) He has an affinity for Beer, Whiskey, and fine Cigars.

El Granto has worked in many fields. Including teaching snowboarding in Ontario and Alberta while training under some of the best instructors in the world. He’s also worked in promotions hitting the streets and engaging in grass roots marketing campaigns for music and film. Photography has been his love since high school and he’s put time in assisting and freelancing as well.

Although El Granto started and finished his formal education in photography. After some time he moved on to Web Design and then in to Front-End Development where he found passion for a new field of creative outlet. With focus on good user experience and journey using html, css, and javascript he continues to grow his knowledge base daily.